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Want to Join the VMANTRA GROUP team?

We are constantly looking for smart people to enrich our service offerings, and you may well be the person, with the right skills, to help do that. 

Our Offer to you:


Everyone needs a little help. And at VMANTRA GROUP we realise that people grow, and are more successful, with a little coaching and mentoring in their roles.  This is even more evident when you find yourself being one of the new kids on the block in your role. 

We help new staff grow by providing a small mentoring program that helps our staff to achieve success in their role, by learning from leaders in their field. 


Keeping our staff and contractors’ skills and certifications up to date is important, and we offer a range of training courses to meet todays industry demand for competent and qualified resources. 

We take pride in developing our team members, by providing them with training and industry knowledge, so our team can feel rewarded and advance at a professional level - and then so can our clients.

Healthy (away from keyboard) Encouragement
We know that a healthy lifestyle and a happy family are the keys to success.  

Healthy lifestyles make us all perform better, be sharper, and able to bounce back from adversity faster.  We actively encourage all our team to get out doors and enjoy life!

Happy family means happy you!  We know this from our own personal experiences.   We encourage you to be there for your family first, and work second.